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As the manager of Power Security I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Please help us serve you better by taking a couple of minutes to tell us about the service that you have received so far. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.




In your most recent operations executive experience, how did you contact the representative?
Sufficient information was available on the internet to solve my problem.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
About how long did you have to wait before speaking to a operations executive / operations manager
Did our operations excutive / operations managers... (Select all that apply)

About how long did it take to get this problem resolved?

How many times did you have to contact operations executive / operations manager before the problem was corrected?
Overall, how satisfied are you with the customer service experience?
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied
If you were less than totally satisfied, what could have been done to serve you better?

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely appreciate your honest opinion and will
take your input into consideration while providing products and services in the future.

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